Saturday, June 24, 2017

My dolls - No 97

I purchased this one on eBay with a mysterious 'Asian doll' description and rather bury picture. She sure had 'belly button body' so I could hope it won't be a clone and face seems to have some potential...

She arrived as a tiny yet articulated mummy packaging - wonder what my Brave postman thinks...

 oh the promise and excitement of a surprise dolly in a wrap<3
 What a miracle she is - fair skinned, thick-browed with a relatively short hair!
Fantastic minimal make-up far better than any of nowadays Miko/Lea tbh...
In this unusual face design she is difficult to recognise but, oh joy, she has Lara / Ana / Drew mold!
It is only my second doll with this sculpt - I'm not lucky somehow and they way too ofter are issued as collectible (the greater my desire).

I wanted to 'do something' with her so rebodied he onto Hollywood Nails fair body...she got 'benetton style' twist with these colourful nails:-)
..they couldn't be more different...

...and a sneak prev of what happen later (and will be published light years from now;-P)
<3 some blush and studs later <3


An expert doll forum friend kindly identified her for me as part of Fashion Fever line 'Barbie Loves Benetton' (yet again!) and she represents Paris. I don't love her pink outfit, so no harm done..

 There are quite a few eye candies in the collection with at least 3 Lea's...

 and two more absolutely fab Laras...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My dolls, nr 96

One day when I was brainwashing myself with different 'ethnic' keywords people use to describe dolls on eBay I have stumbled upon (surprise, surprise) a great occasion with crappy picture and misleading description.

Listing mentioned 'rockers' doll but missed the part about  a broken neck and concentrated on the Heart Family Dad with chewed feet...
Ken was easy to resell, accessories are still somehow stuck with me... but I was so excited about this Kira with natural eye-shape and minimal make-up (despite of getting slowly sick of it in mid 2017...) and some bonus vintage clothes...

Here is their arrival documented...

 it is always soooo exciting...
 suddenly memories came back of a friend who had the Heart family actually!
 Heart details and chewed hand...
 sooooo 80s....
 and here ar e'lady bits' so to speak LOL

The broken neck was a bit of surprise but so was the fact that anchor is still in the head... or that pumps she is wearing are amazing vintage slim black stilettos...and that her hair are not cut, as I originally suspected, as the doll in fact turned to be 1997 DOTW Arctic Barbie in Rocker's t-shirt - bingo!

I got so excited that I gave her spa immediately (also to warm head up and save the anchor)...
 this is amazing headmold!
and it sinks so beautifully...
fresh from spa, obviously this tiny little bit more smiley than before...


Mattel produced three different Polar Native dolls:

1982 & 1990 Eskimo Barbie  

and 1996 Arctic Barbie

which is the nly one with straight hands, so mine's body seems to be swapped...

Friday, June 16, 2017

My doll nr 95

Oh what a doll extravaganza today!
Vintage, AA and semiboxed doll in 3in1 kitchy fashions, oh my! (adittionally outworldy make-up an dsparks in eyes!<3)
I was terribly surprised to see her for 0,99 just like that, and what is more shocking that's the amount of money I got her for!

She is one of the three dolls Shani, Nichelle and Asha from Mattels strictly Afro-american doll line, where AA doll is not a 'version' of Caucasian Barbie but and independent character strongly influenced by the African traditions and Black american culture.

on arrival in well fitted box again..

The shape of her box is fantastic!
Back of her box shows all three characters.

this is semi-boxed doll;-) sort of attached but missing her shoes LOL
she kept her comb, gift bracelet and cardbord accessories (chest is missing)

 When you remove crazy ass gold and peachy tulle gown - 
the doll stays in a simple fruity, slim and stretchy mini dress

Her eye make-up is crazy-ass 80's and big big wavy hair are in two colors actually:
 the frilly thing originally at the waist can be used as an accessory:
now brace yourself as gown when folded turns itself into very 80's patterned oversized padded coat!
colours are just fab!

then I had to put her back into box where she waited for around 8 months for her turn

Luckly I had proper Canon camera phase when she emerged again, enjoy:-)

 my inner 8 yo is delighted!

Glorious puffinesss...
h, i think I will call her Gloria...
see you sooner or later - restyled!

***  **  ***

"Shani means marvelous in the Swahili language". This can be read on the big, oval box of Shani yet European version of doll says ' Moani' which apparently means 'view', 'opinion' or a 'comment' she good looking and opinionated then??

There were at least three sets in gowns, Soul Train inspired and beach obviously.

I love the style and design and how they represent the variety of 'blackness' skin- and hair- wise and overall post-African aesthetic... I am a bit upset for not getting the darkest and not-so-wild-haired Nichelle...

She seems to be first edition of 1990 Asha facemold as well (more here:

..and a fantastic video from the lounching of the line: